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Screw Cap

Dear clients and passionate wine lovers,

After careful analysis and a series of absolutely positive experiences, we have decided to make a big step forward: for the first time screw caps, Stelvin model, have been used for some of the wines bottled in 2012. The innovation represents an additional important measure to guarantee the quality of our products.

Therefore we have used this innovative caps for all the wines bottled in 2013.

The bottle presents itself very well aesthetically, sealed hermetically and sterile. The quality of the wine is preserved with all of the character and bouquet.

Thanks to this innovative cap we are able to avoid the usual risks connected with the use of natural cork - cork taint - and the possible oxidation with plastic caps; furthermore, the screw cap used is made of alluminium, so it can be recycled together with the glass.

Another advantage is the fact that the open bottles can be perfectly closed and stored for several days.

After all these considerations we are convinced that You will also appreciate our choice of this new cap.