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Orlandi: history

Attilio Orlandi, born in Oltrepo Pavese, already well known for his knowledge of vineyards and determined to make excellent wines, chooses an hill in Montù Beccaria and starts up his farm. The special land and the passion for the wine which Attilio was able to transmit to further generations, have made our farm a leader both in the production and in the quality of the area typical wines.

Today, equipped with up-to-date machines, we till our 150 hectares of hilly vineyards which provide fine and selected grapes for the production of our wines. During the harvest more then 100 tons of grapes reach our cellar every day: here they are immediatly worked with up-to-date and sophisticated machinary, which allow experience and tradition to reach the highest expression of quality.

From Orlandi Farm the Oltrepo Pavese typical wines are: RED - Barbera, Bonarda and Sangue di Giuda; WHITE: Pinot Nero, Riesling Italico, and Pinot Grigio; RESERVES - Numero Uno (Dry Moscato) and Il Castelletto SPARKLING - Moscato and Pinot Charmat.